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Newton Apple Track Played on Konnect Radio

A big thank you to Nathan Cheeseman for playing Unchanging Love (Reggae Mix) on his Dance and EDM Show on Konnect Radio. The show went out on 17th and 18th September 2021. If you like some good quality EDM, why not give Nathan's show a listen on Friday Nights 9pm to 11pm (UK time) and then repeated on Saturday Nights 8pm to 10pm and after his show has gone out.

Unchanging Love (Featuring Demi Riley)

Unchanging Love - Paris and the Eiffel Tower sunset
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Brand new EP from Newton Apple! You may recognise this song from the album Spirit Fall by New Wine Worship (Songs of Fellowship Vol.6 song no. 3097). This EP features four versions of the song in the styles of Reggae, Dance, Drum and Bass and also Trance. This was released globally on Friday 30th July 2021, so wherever you are on the planet, you should be able to hear it and buy it.
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Jesus You Are Holy (Featuring Demi Riley)

Jesus You Are Holy (Feat. Demi Riley) Image of a burning heart with rays of light shining out of it.

Track 2 - Refine My Heart (Featuring Demi Riley)

Demi Riley was the vocalist on Unchanging Love and the worship single Jesus You Are Holy. The recordings were made at a local studio in November 2019.
Demi Riley at the microphone, in a local recording studio.
Demi at the microphone.

Demi Riley in the sound booth, in a local recording studio
Demi in the sound booth, in a local recording studio.

Demi Riley and Kevin Foulger, in a local recording studio.
Demi Riley and Kevin J Foulger (aka Newton Apple) in the sound booth after the recording. Demi's Dad kindly took this photo.

Have you heard the Remixes yet?

I am deeply grateful to Nadine and Zanna for giving their permission for me to add these exciting remixes to my SoundCloud. Nadine and Zanna are two amazingly talented singer/songwriters.

What's happening with the website?

The Newton Apple website is ungoing a complete restructuring to make it more optimised for search engines. The plan includes making it even more mobile friendly and have it translated into multiple languages. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for visiting.